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COUCH TO Christmas

We know a lot of people want to feel fitter and want to find activities they can do at home over the festive period, so we created Couch to Christmas - an at-home 12-day challenge.

The Challenge is 12 different workouts to be completed over 12 days.

How does
it work

You can join the online challenge from the comfort of your own home and get fitter at your own pace.

Each video class is hosted by 2 different coaches, all working at different energy levels. So, if you need to take it easy, you can, but if you want to push yourself, there’s a coach who’s really going for it!

Support and Motivation

Couch to Christmas has been created by Our Parks, a community fitness group.

Our Parks are great at knowing how to get people moving – so you’ll feel supported and energised just by being part of the class.

I have been doing the Couch to Programmes which are great and I am looking forward to challenging myself over Christmas
Kiran Khan


Try out the first session - all our classes are free, forever. If you like it, sign up or log in so we can get you going, track your progress and keep you motivated!

Fantastic work!

13 Videos
Total: ...
  • Introduction 0m 15s
  • Day 1 10m 55s
  • Day 2 12m 10s
  • Day 3 18m 49s
  • Day 4 10m 27s
  • Day 5 13m 18s
  • Day 6 12m 23s
  • Day 7 13m 24s
  • Day 8 10m 24s
  • Day 9 12m 7s
  • Day 10 12m 59s
  • Day 11 13m 30s
  • Day 12 11m 45s