Ashburton Park

Free outdoor exercise classes at Ashburton Park.

Classes include Bootcamp, Yoga and many more. 

Postcode: CR0 6RX

Milne Park

Free exercise classes in Milne Park, New Addington.

Classes includes: Yoga, Box Fit, Superhero Fitness and many more. 

Postcode: CR0 0BE

Norbury Park

Free outdoor exercise classes at Norbury Park. Classes include Bootcamp, Yoga and many more.

217 Green lane Postcode: SW16 3LY

Park Hill Recreation Ground

Free exercise classes  in Park Hill Recreational Ground, Croydon London.

Fitness classes include: Yoga, Bootcamp, Running, Abs workout, Circuits

Postcode: CR0 1NX

South Norwood Lake and Grounds

Free exercise classes in South Norwoood Lake and Grounds.

Fitness classe include: Yoga, Superhero fitness, and bootcamp.  

Postcode: SE25 4AN

Wandle Park

Free exercise classes at Wandle Park Hill. All classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and are for age 16 and over.