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OUR PARKS has been created to make it easy and FREE for you to get fit.

  • Our Parks classes are delivered by fully qualified and registered coaches
  • Classes are for all ability levels and ages, please view the below colour grading and class descriptions to choose the right classes for you
  • Classes last 1hour in duration
  • You must be aged 16 or over to attend a class without an adult
  • Children aged 3 and over are welcome to attend classes, one child per adult
  • If you are under 16 but wanting to attend un-accompanied, you must have your legal guardian's permission
  • Please view Top Tips at the bottom of this page to ensure you are fully prepared to maximise your Our Parks classes






Our classes are always suitable for all, regardless of your fitness levels. However, you may want to select a class to suit your personal goals.

: Gentle/ light workout, particularly suitable for pre and ante natal, those new to exercise and those for whom strenuous exercise would be unsuitable

: Light to moderate workout. Those looking for a more intense workout will be catered for in these classes.



  • Antenatal Zone is a gentle workout aimed at soon to be mums with the emphasis on relaxation
  • Athletfit is the brand new fitness programme from England Athletics which combines athletics with a fun and exciting programme to increase fitness, tone and lose weight
  • Buggy Fit is an outdoor exercise class for parents/carers and their buggies. Classes involve power walking, non-compulsory jogging and resistance exercises. People are encouraged to work at their own levels
  • Family Fit is designed to allow parents and their children to enjoy exercise together. One child per parent. Children should 3 years old or over
  • Run Fit all have a fun walk/run element to slowly improve your fitness over a period of time lead by Run Leaders.
  • Tai-Chi is a Chinese exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind
  • Tots Football offers fun, energetic multi-skill movement session to encourage 3-5 to play and learn new skills in an exciting and social environment
  • Tots Tennis is all about FUN. Our programmes are designed to get 3-5 year olds active and learning new skills in an exciting and social environment
  • Yoga is an exercise involving various postures combined with correct breathing techniques good for increasing flexibility and relaxation


  • Athletics Conditioning knocking out kettlebell swings, walking lunges and sprinting back and forth on a basketball court
  • Basketball Fit A cardio workout on the court improving fitness and skills
  • Cardio Tennis a great new way to get in shape and burn calories in an exciting new group activity bounce to beat with our tennis inspired workout No tennis skills needed.
  • Fitness Boot Camp a fitness boot camp class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises, with interval and strength training
  • Our Circuit is an intensive form of fitness training where a group of exercises are completed one after the other. Each exercise is performed on the outdoor gym equipment for a specified number of repetitions/time
  • Parkour (Free Running) is a form of movement that stresses efficiency and speed, requiring you to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Power endurance training to build and improve aesthetic movements such as jumps, flips and spins
  • Resistant Band Training a one-hour, total-body workout that rolls through dumbbell moves, push-ups and leg lifts at the barre, plus ab work
  • Skatercise a fun coached skating workout around the park, using various moving exercises on skates to build up fitness tone whilst helping to lose weight with little impact on joints. Ideal for those new to exercise
  • Street Dance is all about having fun and improving your fitness to music makes with you have dance experience or a just a complete beginner
  • Skip Yourself Fit is a 1hour skipping based exercise class to skape ton those legs and burn up to 500 calories
  • Box Fit is a fast paced, enjoyable Boxing and Circuit session that caters for all fitness levels. The benefits of boxing and circuit training are; improved stamina, speed, agility, strength and endurance

Now read our Top Tips to taking part in Our Parks classes