Start your own class

Have you ever wished that there was an Our Parks class in that park around the corner from your home? Now is your chance to start a class there!

How does it work?

With our new 'Get us in your Park' initiative, we are giving you the opportunity to choose your park and your session and to spread the word about it to get others to sign up. Once we have 20 Parkers signed up to the class you created, we will have a coach there to deliver it for you. Click on the video above to find out more.

1) Sign up to Our Parks
2) Click on 'Start Your Own Class' (or browse crowdsourced classes as there may already be class set up in your chosen park)
3) Follow the instructions on the screen to create your own class
4) Once you have created your class, or signed up to an existing crowdsourced class, spread the word amongst your friends and family!
5) Once 20 people have signed up, your class will start and continue to be delivered every week as long as 20 or more people continue to attend 

We look forward to delivering a session in a park near you very soon!