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Our Parks is expanding throughout the UK. Tell us where you live and why you would like us to bring our FREE classes to your area and we'll get in touch with your Sports and Leisure Team or Health and Equality department. We will also let you know first when classes are available to book.

N.B. Your name or contact details will not be shared and any information used to support a bid will be anonymous.

We'll see you soon!

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inclusive classes

I already attend the yoga sessions taught by the wonderful Sarah but would love to see a low impact, stretch and tone up type class maybe aimed at the older or less physically able attendee who is looking to improve their all round fitness but is not up to Boot Camp

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Great boot camp in Roundswood Park

I attended Boot Camp at Roundswood Park several times and would encourage all people to join, it is a great class for all abilities and the instructor - Power Flower - is lovely and superb coach in motivating us so the 1 hour of really hard work go in no time. Thanks Our Parks for organising it, it is a wonderful initiative and I hope we can continue or even have more classes in NW10!


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Cannot see the classes for Centenary Park?

Cannot see the classes for Centenary Park?  Any idea why?

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