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Wednesday, 9 January, 2019


Our Parks is a brand new sports-technology initiative that is revolutionising the way we get fit. 
Launched in March 2014, Our Parks works with councils and development agencies to offer quality group outdoor exercise programmes for users (parkers) in local parks and community settings, all for free, with the aim of improving the health outcomes of individuals. Our key engagement tool is mobile and social media.
We target a growing population of inactive 20 – 50 year olds  (85% being women) who participate in less than 30 minutes of exercise per week, with the aim of increasing their participation levels to around 1 – 5 hours of exercise per week. In addition we have grown our programme to engage with parents and children through classes such as Tots Tennis, and those over 50 with Back to Exercise classes. Classes are colour-coded to indicate intensity rating but all classes are fully inclusive with modified moves for all levels.
Social media is the key marketing tool, with Twitter and Facebook being our most popular channels, as well as email and video newsletters and more traditional forms of marketing in and around parks. #GetFitForFree
Users register on the Our Parks website and then book onto classes through their account or by downloading our app. Coaches then sign users in at sessions through their mobiles.
Our custom built booking system tracks and directly engages with:
1.    People who exercise regularly
2.    People new to exercise
3.    Non-active local residents
Since launching in March 2014, Our Parks has gained an incredible community of 100,000+ Parkers who regularly participate in free classes ranging from BoxFit to Hula Hoop to Brazilian Dance, as well as social sport games like Netball and Volleyball. Our Parkers are accessing over 250 hours of free coached group exercise each week in over 100 parks throughout the UK, delivered by over 1000 highly qualified Our Parks coaches.  We operate come rain or shine, and yes, we do continue to #TurnUpToneUp throughout the winter months!
Since launching in Waltham Forest in 2014, Our Parks has expanded to all London Boroughs, Glasglow, Wales, Central Bedfordshire, Halisham, Nottinghamshire, Cornwall and Warwick.  We are in conversations with councils in all directions across the country and would love to talk to you.
Our Parks was founded by Born Barikor, a former athlete from a council estate in Tower Hamlets, who wanted to create an accessible pathway to exercise for people from lower incomes.  After graduating with a degree in pharmaceutical science, and a career in sports development and personal training, Born left his job to realise his vision.  As company CEO, Born is involved in very aspect of the business from coach recruitment to new client development, as well at attending many of the Our Parks classes - although he is still working on perfecting his downward dog…
Born wants to get 1,000,000+ Parkers fit for FREE by 2021.  His aim is to create a mass user, sustainable model for free fitness in the future to spread the positive life-changing effects he knows first hand that sport, fitness and teamwork can have on an individuals’ health.

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