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1:1 Coached Sessions


Saturday, 18 April, 2020

Welcome to Our Parks 1:1 Coaching! We are pleased to hear you are interested in bespoke training sessions.


How does it work

  1. Firstly, if you have not done so already, register as a Parker by clicking here
  2. Purchase points to be used for your 1:1 session. Each 1:1 session requires you to have a minimum of 10 points on your account. Click here to purchase your points
  3. You can purchase points in blocks of 10, 30 or 100. See pricing listed below:


Number of points


How many sessions will I get with these points?










You can purchase as many of each block as you like


  1. Book your 1:1 session by clicking here to browse available session types and time slots 
  2. Click on your preferred session and time slot to book the session
  3. A confirmation of your booking will be emailed to you as well as your unique link and password to start the session
  4. Points are deducted from your account based on how many session you have booked



  • What happens if I cannot attend the 1:1 session I have booked?
  • You can cancel the session a minimum of 24 hours before the session start time. Unfortunately you cannot cancel the session when there are less than 24 hours to go and your points will not be returned to your account
  • What happens if I am late to the 1:1 session?
  • Sessions last 30 minutes from the advertised start time. If you are late to the session, the Coach will continue for the remaining time left within the 30 minute time slot and cannot extend the session to accommodate late attendance
  • Can I pass my link onto someone else if I cannot attend the session?
  • No. As the session is registered in your name, only you will be able to take part in the session
  • Can my young children take part?
  • Parkers must be aged 18 or over to register as a Parker online and book themselves onto a 1:1 Coaching session
  • Can I buy points for a friend?
  • Yes. You can do this on an individual basis by emailing with your name, the name of the Parker who you would like to buy points for and how many sessions you would like to purchase for them. A member of our team will process this transaction for you and ensure your friend’s account receives the purchased points