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Saturday, 11 November, 2017
Hi Parkers,

So I have decided it’s time to loosen up and this week we have 5 foods, which will improve flexibility. Of course, you will need to stretch also! 

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Okay, if you are like me and struggle to touch your toes, have stiff hamstrings and fear the thought of Yoga because you will be the person at the front or back of the class struggling with all the poses, or you simply want to be more flexible, here are 4 foods to improve flexibility. It’s worth noting, I will be taking you on my ‘touch your toes’ journey on social media @BornBarikor (Twitter and Instagram) so you can see this in fall effect. 
As our Muscles are 76 percent water, a dehydrated muscle is an unhappy muscle. The lack of water in your body will lead to difficulty transporting nutrients to your muscles, which could result in fatigue and injury! 

1. Water Melon

Flowing in at number 1 is Water Melon. This works as an integrated food ( like: cucumbers, celery and tomatoes) with high water content, and they taste pretty good too!
2. Oranges
Shining in at number 2 are Oranges that are packed with vitamin C which helps fight the build up of free radicals and helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Oranges also aid recovery and help you stay flexible.
3. Oily fish
Swimming in at 3 is Oily fish which is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3s which have multiple health benefits, like lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and improving heart health. Some studies have also shown that omega-3s enhance joint mobility in adults with osteoarthritis.

*For vegetarians, Avocados are a great plant-based alternative source of omega-3.
4. Protein (like chicken, dairy, fish, beans and pulses)
In order to get lean, mean and supple, you need to avoid injury and prevent muscle loss, which can happen as we age. Protein-rich foods are not only great to help keep hunger pangs at bay but they’re key to maintaining a flexible figure.