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Wednesday, 1 July, 2020

Hi Parkers,

As the lockdown measures continue to ease, we wanted to send you an update on where we stand with outdoor exercise. 

The current measures that the government have put in place allows for up to 6 people to exercise together in outdoor spaces whilst following social distancing rules. We will be waiting for further easing of the rules before re-launching our general FREE programmes across London and the UK so that we can accommodate everyone who wishes to take part in our free sessions. 

In the meantime, Our Parks is due to launch a new pay-and-train model, which will allow small groups of up to 5 Parkers to train together outdoors. This will cost £5 per Parker to attend each session. Show your interest by clicking here

The good news is, we will continue to deliver our live-streamed sessions on Our Parks Live for you to take part in at home and this will continue even when our park based sessions are re-instated.

Slowly but surely we will return to the parks and we hope to see you there when the time comes.