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Get Fit By Doing 20 Burpees a Day in 2020


Saturday, 4 January, 2020

Okay, so this 2020 it's time to start doing 20 Burpees per day to get super fit! 

Why the Burpee?

This is a great cardiovascular exercise because it requires you to move your whole body from a horizontal position into a vertical position as quickly as possible. The movement requires a lot of muscle groups to work in co-ordination, including your shoulders, abdominals and lower body, especially your quads and calves. In order to power all these muscles, your heart rate will increase, which also means you’ll burn a lot of calories.

From standing, place your hands on the floor by your feet, then jump your legs back so you end up in a press-up position. Jump your legs back in so your knees are close to your chest, then jump up and raise your hands above your head.