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Friday, 16 October, 2015

'Our Parks, Your Business' is a new product from Our Parks geared at getting you fitter at work whilst helping to improve the health of the local community at the .

If you would like to see Our Parks holding classes in the morning, at lunch or after 6pm at your office here's what you need to know:

How it works:
:: Our Parks will deliver the class or classes your colleagues want at your place of work (we will plan classes to suit the space available) or in a nearby outdoor space
:: Every hour of exercise a business funds, Our Parks will deliver one hour of FREE exercise in the local community. Learn more

Classes can be funded by your boss or by you and your colleagues. We have over 150 fully insured and qualified coaches in London that will run a class of your choosing. Help your work force and your community get fitter and email Born if you're interested in taking part.

"Turn Up Tone Up for your Community"

Every Friday we will be FaceTiming Parkers and coaches who can shoutout their fellow Parkers and share their achievements from that week or experiences of the programme in general. There will be 15sec clips on Twitter and Instagram and the full length version will be on FaceBook.

If you would like to get involved in FaceTimeFriday and receive a FaceTime call from Born. Let us know by emailing your FaceTime email to

Thank you for your patience - we will be emailing borough Parkers individually about the indoor programme on Monday once we are all finalised. Please check the website before going to a class and if the sites states outdoors the class will run there until further notice.

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