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Rounders Fitness Sessions


Tuesday, 22 March, 2016

We are excited to announce we will be launching a new Rounders Fitness session the week commencing the 4th April 2016. Thanks to our partners at Rounders England we will be starting two sessions a week in Waltham Forest with the hope to roll it out across all boroughs soon.

Each session will be based on the classic game of Rounders with a fitness twist. The first part of the sessions will consist of interval training incorporating the fundamentals of the game. The second part of the session will be…well you guessed it. An actual game of Rounders!  During the session we will be sharpening your catching, throwing and batting skills while also getting you fighting fit. 

We are really excited about starting Rounders Fitness in Waltham Forest, we enjoy coming up with initative ways to keep you moving and having fun. When we found out Rounders England were interested, we jumped at the chance to deliver the sessions.

- Born Barikor CEO & Founder.

These sessions are fun for everybody and will be great fun in the sun! If you think you would be up for a bit for of fitness while playing some Rounders, come and join us on Tuesday 18:00pm or Sunday 11:30am. Get ready to Chuck it, Whack it, Leg it! #TurnUpToneUp