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Whole Body Workout


Friday, 18 November, 2016

Whole body circuit

Warm up

Twist head

shoulder rolls forward/back

circle wrist & ankles

slow jog on spot 1 minute

10 mini squats

high knees 1 minute


Dynamic stretches

Hamstring curls

Heel digs

Side Squats


Main workout

Side leg lifts & standing crunch 20 each side

Running man – 1 minute


Right leg forward

Static lunge with lateral raises x 10

10 lunges with lateral raises

10 pulse lunges keeping arms parallel to the floor


Repeat with Left leg forward

Modified Romanian deadlifts with extended arms x 20

Press ups (full or box) x 10

Repeat all x 3 times!


Cool down

March on the spot until your heart rate comes down

Stretches hold for 5 equal breaths (count of 4 in, count of 4 out)

Quad stretch, Hamstring stretch, Tricep stretch together with calf stretch

Seated butterfly stretch

Smile & be smug when you've finished!

Link -how to do main workout exercises