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Your Evening Shutdown - new online sessions


Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

We will be making a few changes to the Our Parks Live online programme and are excited to announce our new line up of live-streamed sessions that will be available for for you to take part in throughout the week in the evenings.

Sadly, as of Monday 28th September, we will no longer be delivering our weekday 10:15 sessions or the 19:00 HIIT Live sessions.

Day Session Time
Monday Pilates 19:30
Tuesday Yoga 19:30
Wednesday HIIT 19:30
Thursday Yoga 19:30
Saturday HIIT 10:15
Sunday Yoga 10:15
Sunday Yoga 19:30

Click here to book an Our Parks Live session

If you want to fit an early morning online workout into your day, you can still join us at our weekday 07:30 sessions, powered by Lucozade Sport.

We look forward to seeing you online and getting #FitForFree together with Our Parks!