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Friday, 15 April, 2016

Okay so it’s getting warmer, lighter and I thought this week we would discuss benefits of exercising outside. This morning I asked our coaches what are the top benefits of exercising outside, contributing to physical health and wellbeing!

Here are the top 5!

:: ONE 

There are 100 times more germs in the gym environment than outdoors

:: TWO

Being outdoors creates a community setting which increases socialising and commitment. This yields consistency to turn up as Parkers don't want to let their fellow Parkers down 

You burn more calories when exercising outside down to the wind and different terrain which forces you to work harder

Sunlight generates Vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones
Outdoor workouts are great for your mood – tons of research pieces show connection between spending time outside and reductions in stress

Our coaches had tons of tips but I had to whittle them down. Thanks for posting them team! 


If you cannot make it down to one of our 67 classes this weekend here's a 15minute workout to kick start your day! 

Weekend workout
(Duration 15 minutes)

Warm Up
Running on the spot
30secs on | 30secs rest (3sets)
Star Jumps
30secs on | 30secs rest (2sets)
Dynamic stretches
Straight Leg Hamstring swings x 10 each leg
Standing Side Leg raises x 10 reps each leg
Trunk twists x 10 reps each side
Main Workout
Squats 30secs on | 30secs rest
Mountain Climbers 30secs on | 30secs rest
Burpees 30secs on | 30secs rest
Abs Crunches 30secs on | 30secs rest
(do the above 4 times)
Remember to cool down with some developmental stretches and hold for 15 to 20seconds. Hope you enjoy and tweet at me @BornBarikor your workout face!