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Thursday, 2 November, 2017

Hi Parkers, so this week I am talking about things not to do when running in the dark. This sprang to my attention as only a couple days ago I was out doing my night run and almost tripped over. There was a bombardment of thoughts that swirled through my head, the main one being if I had been seriously injured, what would I do and how could I prevent or prepare for the worst.

So this week our focus is the importance of runner’s safety when running in the dark – either early in the morning or late at night.


  1. Plan your route

On night or early morning runs it is not the time to experiment with unfamiliar routes in case you get lost, injured or both. When running in the dark, you need to know exactly where you will be running which will subsequently increase your safety.  If you really are considering changing your route for night time runs, please try it out in the daylight first! You can also look at routes fellow runners use in your area via running apps such as Strava or Map My Run.

  1. Don’t wear Dark Clothing

If Darth Vader decided to take a night run in your local area, it is highly likely you would not see him as he whizzed by you on the pavement, let alone if you were driving. So it is very important to make sure that you’re as visible as possible, especially when running on or near busy roads where drivers can have difficulty seeing you.  


  • Wear visible colours: whites, yellows, and bright neon colours or items of clothing with reflective parts work great
  • Accessories: such as head lamps or blinking lights.  They are inexpensive and help keep you safe because other people can see you!  
  1. Share

At a minimum, posting Instagram and Facebook selfies before you head out can provide a record of your where you are going.

  1. It’s a run not a rave

Although music is very motivating and mood-lifting it is also a big distraction and knocks out one of your 5 senses, which is crucial when you’re running in the dark. Being able to hear, since your visibility is already impaired is very important! So if you require music, keep the volume in your headphones lower than you would during the daylight hours.  

  1. Don’t leave your phone at home

Okay, I know running light without your phone so you cannot be interrupted is very refreshing, but in the event of an emergency, you will need your phone to call 999… as I cannot remember the last time I used or saw a telephone booth (Millennials are like ‘what’s that?’).

So to end this blog, one thing I do recommend, is always running with your phone at the very least when out navigating the darkness.

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